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November 3, 2013

Trite and Boring College Essays

Boring College Essays, Trite College Essays, Cliche College Essays
Trite and boring college essays should never be submitted to highly selective colleges (photo credit: Fritz Ward).

Trite and boring college essays are the exact opposite of the types of essays our students submit to highly selective colleges. Often times when discussing college essays with students, these students recognize what we mean by a trite essay. They understand that a kid falling behind in a race but choosing to dig in and remain determined so they can pull off the comeback is cliche to say the least. They understand that writing about a deceased grandmother or grandfather is trite and that it reveals more about their grandparent than about themselves. They understand that writing about trips abroad can be not only boring but detrimental to their candidacies at highly selective colleges throughout the United States.

And yet they write these college essays nonetheless or similarly trite essays! They seem to have the ability to recognize trite writing in others but, when it comes to their own writing, they — and their parents — are utterly blind to the awful and dull writing. Students and parents, spare admissions officers another essay about a service trip to Uganda. Spare them an essay about key club. Spare them an essay about scoring a winning goal in a soccer game. They don’t care. They won’t care. These kinds of college essays will indeed jeopardize your chances for admission.

There is indeed still time for us to help you with your college admissions essays if you’re applying Early Decision or Early Action at various selective and highly selective colleges. We’ve published the list of the updated Early admissions deadlines. Peruse the list, see when your deadline(s) fall(s) and be in touch with us by sending an email to to inquire about our college essay package. Include all of the essay questions as well as the word counts that you’ll need help with so that we can give you our fee. While you’re here, do you think that you have a trite and boring college essay? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by posting a Comment below!

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