Trips and College Essays

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Never write about trips in your college essays. That’s one surefire way to bore admissions officers (photo credit: Mark J. Miller).

Have you ever sat next to someone while they flipped through a photo album, containing a whole lot of pictures from a trip to India? Or France? Or Egypt? Maybe they showed you pictures of themselves on a beach or at the top of a mountain or even on a camel. Maybe they recounted to you exactly what they did each day, what they had for breakfast, how they woke up to an amazing sunrise, and how they’re aching to go back. If you’ve ever found watching your friend flip through his/her photo album a bit tedious, you’re not alone!

So why would college applicants write about trips year after year in their college essays. Trips and college essays should have nothing to do with each other. Nothing. Nobody wants to read 500 words about a trip to Mumbai. It’s boring. It’s ordinary. It’s the essay that college admissions counselors dread. And don’t forget that college admissions counselors often aren’t in glamorous places when reading your college essays. They’re either in their office or at home. So don’t regal them with stories about your adventures around the world. It’s certainly not going to help your case.

But beyond that, college essays should be powerful and exciting. Recounting stories from trips is inherently boring. There’s no getting around that. When you have a boring subject matter, you can only do so much with the material. Write your college essay from a good, exciting idea. It’ll make a world of difference, we promise!


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