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The college essay (the personal statement) is best not written overnight. Just ask Haley Dunphy on ABC’s “Modern Family” (photo credit: Josh Hallett).

The college essay is often the trickiest part of the college application – and by the college essay, we mean all the college essays. In fact, there’s an article on the college essay in “The Daily Beast” today by Andrew Ferguson that describes how difficult it is for students – especially those inclined to procrastinate – to come up with a great college essay topic. The article mentions one student in particular, Doug, who waited up until the November 1st Early Decision deadline to write his Common Application personal statement. He had to “settle” for a college essay topic, likely because he waited so long to sit down and write it.

You should never settle on a college essay topic and that’s why you need to start working on your essays long before the deadline is due. If you’re applying Early Decision, you should be working on that personal statement and activity essay during the summer months — before school starts and you get inundated with schoolwork and tests! Often times, it takes a lot of brainstorming to come up with topics for all of these college essays that are right for you. It doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.

If you’re a fan of ABC’s hit comedy, “Modern Family,” Haley Dunphy recently struggled coming up with an obstacle she has overcome. She told her mom, Claire, that she’s never really had to overcome anything because her mom has always coddled her. So what does Claire do? She drops her off in the middle of nowhere and makes Haley get home all by herself, thinking now she’ll have something to write about. While that’s quite funny, this is probably not the best solution for your college essay. And that’s why you’ll need time to figure it all out and hone in on the right topic for you.


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