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Rising seniors, summer is the perfect time to write your college essays. Don’t let it pass you by without writing these important statements!

For rising seniors, summer is the perfect time to write your college essays. You’re off from school. You’re not studying for tests, you’re not writing papers for AP classes, and you’re not going to school for several hours each weekday. While you shouldn’t allot all of your time this coming summer to writing college essays (as you should have a great activity that further relays your story to admissions officers in order to stand out from the pack of applicants), there is no better time to sit by your computer and get to work writing those essays. After all, you’re going to have to write a personal statement, an activity essay, and a host of other supplemental essays for the many schools to which you’ll be applying in the coming year.

So often, students choose to not start their college essays until the school year begins. That is a major mistake! You simply won’t have the time to devote to making these essays powerful during the school year. You’re too inundated with your schoolwork that you can’t devote the attention to your college essays that they deserve…and that you deserve! College essays are a key component of what is ultimately going to decide your admission fate! It’s difficult to do them well at midnight in between cramming for an AP Physics test and writing a paper on “Don Quixote.”

So start thinking about what you want to write about in your personal statement. Start brainstorming. Don’t start writing your essay right away. Think about exactly what you have to say, what you want to say. And then think about some more things you have to say or want to say. Because the first idea that runs through your head may well not be a good one. It’s one of the college counseling services we provide — we help our students brainstorm essays that will make powerful, memorable statements to college admissions officers. So, don’t forget — start writing your college essays this summer. Get them over with. Give them the time they deserve. Give them alone time — when schoolwork won’t get in the way. It’s the right move.


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