Procrastinating and College Essays

Procrastination and College Essays, Procrastination and Ivy League Essays, Admissions Essays

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to writing your college admissions essays. Start working with Ivy Coach today.

It’s August 19th. It’s almost time to go back to school. In certain parts of the country, the new school year has already begun. If you are now a high school senior and you haven’t begun working on your many college admissions essays, there is no time like the present. As the school year begins and you get inundated with homework assignments, papers to write, tests to take, SATs to retake, etc., you just won’t want to be working on all of these admissions essays. If you think you can knock them out overnight, you can’t. The best writing is about rewriting and that takes time. It also can take time to brainstorm essay topics as that first idea that pops into your head quite often isn’t very good at all.

If you’re the parent of a high school senior, we urge you to not let your child procrastinate. They can procrastinate about eating their broccoli. They can procrastinate about leaving for swim practice. But don’t procrastinate about crafting powerful college admissions essays that can sway admissions officers at highly selective colleges to not only want to admit them but to want to fight for them should their application go to committee. Admissions officers can’t fight for every applicant. A student has to supply them with the material necessary to inspire them to want to root for you, to champion you.

And that kind of material doesn’t come about overnight. That kind of material doesn’t come about sandwiched in between studying for a chemistry test and preparing to retake SAT Subject Tests. So reach out to us today for a free consultation so we can get started helping you craft college admissions essays that will set you apart from the thousands of other applicants to the colleges to which you seek to gain admission. We look forward to hearing from you.


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