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Interested in knocking out your Personal Statement for the Common Application all in one day? This is possible with our college essay bootcamp.

We are offering one-on-one college essay bootcamps this summer for those students interested in knocking out the Personal Statement for the Common Application all in one day. If you’re worried about location, worry no more because we conduct our college essay bootcamps over Skype, phone, and email. Basically, we’d get started in the morning with a brainstorming session in which we read college essays that have worked for our students in the past aloud to you. We get a sense of your story and help you hone in on what would make a great Personal Statement topic for you.

Then, we’ll go back and forth with revisions until this Personal Statement is in outstanding shape for submission to highly selective colleges. If you do a one-on-one college essay bootcamp with us, you will come away with a phenomenal essay. It will be original. It will be powerful. It will inspire admissions officers at America’s top colleges to want to go to bat for you, to pull for you. We know how to sway admissions officers. We know how to change their emotions and make them want to say, “I want this kid.”

Avoid writing a trite essay about that time you went to the movies with grandpa and he taught you a bunch of life lessons. That essay may say a lot about grandpa but it likely says little about you. Avoid writing that trite essay about your service trip to Nicaragua. That service trip doesn’t express to admissions officers what an amazing person you are as much as it expresses to them that mommy and daddy could afford to send you to Nicaragua and you thought this kind of play might dupe an admissions officer into admitting you. College admissions officers at our nation’s most elite universities can see through the activities that students do solely because they think it’ll help their case for admission. Oh, and avoid the trite sports essay at all cost. No sports. We love sports. But sports are a topic to avoid completely in college essays.

If you’re interested in our college essay bootcamp, fill out our consultation form or send us an email to While it is completely not necessary to conduct these bootcamps in person, if you so desire, we are offering these bootcamps in the Los Angeles area this summer.


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