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September 19, 2011

Middlebury College Admission Essays

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Middlebury students share amusing college admission essays with incoming students. Avoid trite statements on college essays (photo credit: Dogstarsail).

There’s a cool video up on YouTube called “Voices of the Class” and it focuses on a freshman orientation event in which current Middlebury students act out incoming student responses on their Middlebury College admission essays. Check it out. It’s quite a funny video that can give you some insight into how certain responses on your college admission essays can be interpreted. The next time you think of writing something trite like, “I want to save the world,” you might think better of it after watching this short video.

Indeed, one student standing in a Speedo and goggles, says, “I’ve been thinking about this for a week and the most interesting thing that I can come up with is: I am a swimmer.” Another student says, “I am in search for my calling.” Don’t write something like this in your college admission essays! Equally as bad, one writes, “I am in search of something.” Then, another student points to “something” and the student goes to it! Oy vey. Another student says, “I am a closet Hannah Montana fan.” Now at least that’s cute and not trite!

Avoid trite statements at all costs on your college admission essays and let these comedy skits be a reminder that you should dare to be original…and be yourself! Check out our post on College Admissions Essay Tips as well as our post on College Admission Essays.

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