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There is still time for Ivy Coach to review your Personal Statement and supplemental essays for the November 1st Early deadline (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

It is not too late for Ivy Coach to review your (or your child’s) Personal Statement and supplemental essays for Early Decision or Early Action. Yes, we are fully aware that the deadline is looming. It’s October 29th…it’s nearly November 1st. The last day of the Major League Baseball season is today when the upstart Kansas City Royals look to win their first World Series in 29 years by upstaging the San Francisco Giants on their home field. But it’s not November 1st quite yet and year after year, students and parents come to us in these final days. While it’s not ideal, hearing our critiques of essays and listening to our proposed changes can greatly improve a student’s odds of admission. And, yes, we are available over these next couple of days to help you shape your revisions into outstanding essays.

If you’re interested in last-minute college admissions essay help, we recommend emailing us at as soon as possible so that we can schedule a one-hour consultation to be conducted via Skype or phone — whichever you prefer. Submitting that essay about grandpa is a terrible idea, even if you already wrote it. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world to rework an essay in a couple of days. There’s no need to stress about it. We help students get it done all of the time. It is what it is. There is no coming back from an essay about grandpa, no matter how well you think it is executed. The same is true about that foreign travel essay. Or that sports, violin, or volunteering essay. Such essay topics are unredeemable and we at Ivy Coach can help you come up with great topics and direction even in these final days before the deadline.

So email us today to help you pinpoint a fantastic essay topic for you. The best essays, as we’ve said on the pages of this college admissions blog for years now, are about absolutely nothing. Just like the show “Seinfeld.” The best essays are about small stories that shed insight into who you are and what you’re all about. When students try to tell big stories and boast of their accomplishments, they fail miserably and, in so doing, sway admissions officers to root against rather than for them. We look forward to hearing from you.


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