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Ivy Coach is offering last minute college essay help. While others are submitting the same bad college essays that led to deferrals and denials in the Early round, rework your essays for Regular Decision so you get great news this time around!

Ivy Coach is offering last minute college essay help. If you applied Early Decision or Early Action and were either deferred or denied admission, you should not be submitting the same essays as there’s a very good chance those essays hurt your chances for admission. Why make the same mistake twice? Today is December 23rd and it’s not too late to get our help with your college admissions essays! Just within this past week, many students (and parents) have signed up for our college essay help and we can tell you this — their essays were likely — at least in part — to blame for their deferrals and denials. Especially for the students with perfect grades and near perfect scores. Every single last one of them has been boring and absolutely trite.

Here’s how our assistance with your college essays works: Let us know which schools you need help with the supplemental essays for and we’ll let you know our fee structure. You can do this by clicking on the orange button at the top of our website and filling out the consultation form or you can email Once you’re a client, we will have a Skype session or phone call in which we will read your essays aloud to you, offering critiques and feedback along the way. Just so you know, the vast majority of college essays submitted to highly selective colleges are atrocious and yours is likely not the exception so be prepared for some criticism! Once you know what’s wrong with your essays, we read aloud to you essays that have worked for our students in the past and brainstorm new ideas and changes to your essays. We then go back and forth with revisions and are available to discuss the essays at scheduled times.

You may think that you don’t have enough time to rework some of your important essays. It’s not the case. Would you rather make the mistake of submitting the same bad essays to highly selective colleges than spend some days over the holidays reworking them so they’re a strength of your application? The decision rests in your hands.


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