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Ivy Coach is offering last minute college essay assistance if you happen to be a procrastinator. There are quite a few of you!

Interested in last minute college essay assistance? So many parents and students write us that their essays are finished but they’d like us to review them. When we hear the word “finished,” we can’t help but roll our eyes inside our heads. Just because 500 or 650 words are strung together on a page by no means means that these strung together words are any good. In our experience, these strung together words are usually only on a spectrum of bad to terrible to “this is the absolute worst essay we’ve ever read.” And we mean it. Until we read the next “this is the worst essay we’ve ever read.” There are so many. Who can distinguish?

We also roll our eyes inside our heads when parents and students send us their college admissions essays as attachments in emails before retaining our services. Do they really think that we wish to spend our free time reading their surely fascinating college essays if they’re not our paying clients? Oy vey. Sure, we work with a few students on a pro bono basis every year — most frequently members of our military who have risked their lives to serve our country. Your kid in Milton, Massachusetts likely didn’t defuse an IED in Afghanistan and he should thank his lucky stars that he hasn’t.

But if you are interested in paid last-minute college essay assistance in these final days before the New Year’s deadline for Regular Decision admission, we are available. We are also available for paid post-mortem consultations so that you can have an understanding why you — or your child — didn’t gain admission to your Early Decision or Early Action school(s). Why make the same mistakes again and again in the Regular Decision round? That would be rather foolish.

Anyhow, if you’re interested in paid last-minute college essay assistance or a post-mortem from Early Decision and/or Early Action, fill out our consult form. We have suspended our free 20-minute consultations until the New Year but we still have the resources to take on a few new clients.


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