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Ivy Coach has been referenced in news publications from “US News & World Report” to “The Washington Post” to “The New York Times” to “The Crimson” and so many more. We are now offering a college essay package for students needing help with their admissions essays as we approach the Early Decision and Early Action deadlines.

Need help with your college essays as we near the deadlines for Early Decision and Early Action? As we approach the Early Decision and Early Action deadlines, Ivy Coach, the premiere private college admissions counseling company in the world, is offering a special college essay package. This package does not include college counseling. It’s restricted to help with college essays. Here’s how it works: Once we get started, you’ll send us your first drafts of your essays. We’ll read them and give you feedback. We’ll then speak on the phone or via Skype and we’ll read to you college essays that have worked for our students in the past — college essays that helped our students stand out from the pack of college applicants. During this session, we’ll also brainstorm with you topics you may wish to write about in your college essays.

Many parents and students think that their (or their child’s) college essays are fine. Having been in this business for over two decades, we can tell you that we can only think of one time when we actually read a good essay on the first draft. One time! That’s right. Most college essays, quite frankly, are terrible. It’s nothing personal. It’s just the case.

Once we finish brainstorming, we’ll start going back and forth on revisions to these essays. In turn, you or your child will become a better writer in the process. The best writers not only write — they rewrite. And rewrite some more. Only when we feel that an essay is portraying a student in the best possible way and providing a great window into their world will we consider it the final product. Each college essay package depends on the number of essays that you will require so if you’re not just applying to one college, you will need to list the questions as well as the word counts of the essays you would like help with. We will then let you know our fee for the work you’d like help with. While Early Action and Early Decision deadlines are fast approaching, there is still time to work on your college essays. Don’t hand in mediocre essays because you’re too scared to do an overhaul on your essays this late in the game. That’s just plain silly.

So fill out a free consult form today and let us know which essays you need help with. We’ll then let you know our fees. As for the free consult, as we so often do at this time of the year, we are temporarily suspending the free 20-minute consultation since it’s all hands on deck helping our students work on their college admissions essays!


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