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August 6, 2021

Georgetown University 2021-2022 Essay Prompts

Georgetown has been a longtime Common Application holdout (photo credit: Patrickneil).

Georgetown University, home of a college application that looks like it was invented in the early aughts, has released the 2021-2022 essay prompts for applicants to the Class of 2026. This year, applicants are asked to answer four essay prompts. But do keep in mind that since Georgetown is not a Common Application subscriber (its longtime admissions czar, Charles Deacon, a recurring character and favorite of our college admissions blog, has been a longtime holdout), these essays are not in addition to the Personal Statement and optional Covid-19 essay. Rather, many students are able to use a shortened version of their Personal Statement for one of the Georgetown prompts. So what exactly are the prompts, you ask? Wonder no more!

The first prompt reads, “Indicate any special talents or skills you possess.” Applicants are asked to answer the question in 250 words. The second prompt reads, “Briefly discuss the significance to you of the school or summer activity in which you have been most involved.” Applicants are asked to answer the question in about half a page, single spaced. The third prompt reads, “As Georgetown is a diverse community, the Admissions Committee would like to know more about you in your own words. Please submit a brief essay, either personal or creative, which you feel best describes you.” Applicants are asked to answer the question in about a page, single spaced. This, of course, is the perfect opportunity to use the Common Application Personal Statement. Georgetown’s fourth and final prompt reads, “What does it mean to be educated? How might Georgetown College help you achieve this aim?” Applicants are asked to answer this prompt in about a page, single spaced. It’s essentially a Why College essay with a little extra kick to it.

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