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A plethora of extracurricular activities is not the ticket into a highly selective college.

While colleges look for the student’s depth as well as breadth of involvement, extracurricular activities should be great fun but they should also be activities about which the student is passionate. When listing extracurricular involvements on a chart of the college application, there is room for the description of the activity, grades involved, position held, hours spent per week, weeks spent per year, and honors earned. In the end, this activity chart should give an admissions counselor a glimpse into the lifestyle and personality of the applicant. It should list the student’s passions, primary interests, and commitments.

When reviewing applications, admissions committees do not want to see serial joiners with an activity sheet that is a laundry list of clubs showing attendance at one hour meetings per week. The activity sheet should rather show that the applicant has a deep evolving commitment of specific interests over the high school years. Students need to consider the activities they do each day, the activities they are passionate about, and the activities they plan on pursuing in college. Extracurricular experiences which show dedication should be further discussed and highlighted in short essays and personal statements.


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