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Summer is the time to be writing your college essays (photo credit: Alvesgaspar).

During these final weeks of summer, it’s time to write your college essays for admission. Many students choose to wait until the school year start. Often times, they do this simply because they’re procrastinators. After all, who wants to have to sit down and write all of your college essays while the sun’s up and your days are free? It doesn’t sound like the best option in the world. Going to the beach sounds much more enticing. But waiting until the school year starts to commence writing your college essays for admission is a really bad idea.

During the school year, you’ll be inundated with homework, tests, activities, and such. Just when you think you’ll be able to set aside time to write your all-important college admissions essays, you’ll have an AP Physics assignment that pops up that takes priority. But your college essays need to be the priority and so why not write all of these admissions essays when you actually have time to write them? Doesn’t that make the most sense?

This one private college counselor wrote a while back about he doesn’t advise that his students write their admissions essays over the summer. He thinks that summers should be spent doing something that students can write about in their college essays. No kidding! Of course summers should be spent productively! Oy vey. But that doesn’t mean that one cannot also write one’s college essays during this time as well. They’ve got to be written at some point. There is no better time than the summer. We’ve been saying it for years and our students have been writing their essays over the summer for years. It’s how we roll at Ivy Coach.


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