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Writing your college essays over the summer before your senior year is the way to go (photo credit: Alfred Hutter).

It is our strong recommendation that rising seniors write their college admissions essays — and there are tons of them — over the course of the summer months. We suggest this every year and each and every summer, we work with students on their college admissions essay, brainstorming topics and going back and forth with revisions until we deem the essays are in outstanding shape for submission to highly selective colleges. And yet each and every year, we work with students who don’t heed this advice and instead come to us in the fall to work on their college essays. That’s fine, too. But, in our many years of experience, it’s our opinion that students are much less stressed — and can write better — during the summer months when they’re not inundated with schoolwork and testing and such.

Does that mean that you should do absolutely nothing this coming summer but work on your college applications? Absolutely not. You need to be fully committed to something this summer that will help shape your story, something that will demonstrate your deep passion and/or intellectual curiosity. Attending a fancy summer enrichment program at a school like Stanford is not the answer to that. Better to demonstrate your own initiative and drive than have your parents pay $10,000 for a summer camp at Stanford that will not positively impact your chances for admission to Stanford or any other highly selective college.

But no matter how you spend your summer, you’ll still have more time to work on your college admissions essays than during the fall in between midterm exams and class papers you have to write. So we strongly urge you to contact us today to get started planning out your summer and tackling your all-important college admissions essays. Procrastinating is not the answer.


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