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One college essay suggestion not to ignore is to be sure to pull in college admissions counselors right from the opening line. Just like “Grey’s Anatomy” did when it aired after the Super Bowl a couple of years back.

We’ve got a college essay suggestion for you: Make a splash. What do you think the most important part of your college essay is? Is it your closing paragraph? A paragraph in between the opening and the closing? The opening? So you know, in college admissions, it’s all about the opening! College admissions counselors have tons and tons of applications to read. You need to grab them. You need to hook them in and make them want to stay!

Right now, it’s the fall television premiere season. When you watch a new show (a pilot), take a close look at the first couple of minutes. It’s called “the teaser.” Most shows cut to commercial right after the teaser. ABC often cuts to the title card and then proceeds into act one. But most shows go from teaser to commercial and do so ideally with a bang! That’s how your opening paragraph should be in your college essay. It’s a college essay suggestion we hope you take because it matters a great deal.

How are you gonna rope in college admissions counselors? How are you going to get them to continue to read your essay? Think of yourself like a television writer. You want to keep the ratings high. You don’t want them tuning out after “American Idol.” How can you keep them? You can’t just expect they’ll stay. You’ve got to work at it.

A couple of years ago, how did Dartmouth grad Shonda Rhimes keep male viewers tuned in to “Grey’s Anatomy” after the Super Bowl? She teased viewers with a steamy shower scene right at the top! That doesn’t mean you need to write a steamy shower scene in your college essay. In fact, don’t do that! But do find a way to draw in college admissions counselors!


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