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Scandal with College Essays, College Admissions Essay Scandal, University Admissions Essay Scandal

A student’s reveal in a college essay led to a rape conviction in New York City, reports “The AP.”

We always advise students to shed insight into who they are and what they’re all about in their college essays. We advise students to share personal stories that hang a lantern on their character, their sense of self, where they come from, and who they want to be. But, as an article on the college essay in “The AP” reports, one particular college essay takes the cake with respect to sharing. A 63 year-old New York City man was recently convicted of rape and sentenced to eighteen years in prison because of what an applicant to Florida Christian College revealed in her college admissions essay.

Apparently, a stepfather raped his stepdaughter in 2003 and when the young woman applied to college in 2012, she was asked to write about “what made her who she is.” According to an article by Jennifer Peltz, “She responded with an account of how her churchgoing childhood was upended after her mother embarked on a marriage that ‘changed my life forever.’ While her ex-stepfather seemed all right at first, ‘toward the end of the marriage he began to rape me,’ his accuser wrote. At the time, ‘I never told anyone …at that point in my life, I was scared,’ she added.”

When the mother, now divorced from the man, read her daughter’s college admissions essay, she reported the incident to police and the District Attorney has since secured a conviction. Justice was served all because of a college admissions essay. How about that!


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