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If you applied to Brandeis, what was inside the box for you? Let us know as we’re eager to hear how you answered this fun essay question (photo credit: Mike Lovett).

Every year, there are some really interesting college admissions essay questions that are posed on various applications. We applaud schools that ask fun college essay questions that make students have to think. “The Los Angeles” times recently highlighted some of the essay questions out there this admissions cycle and we wanted to bring these questions to your attention. If you’re a college junior, how do you think you would respond to such an essay question? If you’re a senior and did answer one or many of these essay questions, how did you respond? What do you think about these college essay questions? We’re curious to hear your thoughts.

At Occidental, the question posed is, “Identify and describe a personal habit or idiosyncrasy — of any nature — that helps define you.” For regular readers of our blog, you know that one of the best essays one of our students ever wrote was about a rubber-band ball. That essay would have fit nicely with this question. Wake Forest asks, “Think of things that fascinated you when you were 10 years old — what has endured?” And Caltech asks applicants, “Please describe an unusual way in which you have fun.” Caltech loves its oddballs so they’re looking for some quirky answers to this question.

Brandeis poses to applicants, “A package arrives at your door. After seeing the contents you know it’s going to be the best day of your life. What’s inside and how do you spend your day?” That’s a fun one. If you applied to Brandeis, what did you include inside the package and why? We’re curious to know. Do you think these fun essay topics are good for the college admissions process? Do you think they make it tougher? Let us know your thoughts by posting below!


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