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If there’s an article on highly selective college admissions in a major publication like “US News & World Report,” chances are high that Ivy Coach is referenced in the piece.

Would a bootcamp for college essays be right for you? Are you a high school junior hoping to knock out your Common App. Personal Statement as well as the supplement for one Early Decision or Early Action school this June? If so, you might consider signing up for this opportunity with Ivy Coach: In the comfort of your own home, work directly via Skype with one of our college admissions counselors at Ivy Coach. In the course of one day — yes, one day — we will help you brainstorm topics for your Common App. Personal Statement, go back and forth with revisions on this essay until we deem that it’s in outstanding shape for submission, review and work on your activity sheet, review and critique your Common Application, and help you with all supplemental essays for one college that you’re applying Early Decision or Early Action to.

Many students don’t have a clue what to write about in their college essays. And that’s ok. Many students know what they intend to write about in their college essays but their choice of topics is terribly cliche. Just as when you hear a television show concept (i.e., cop helps solve crimes through the help of ghosts), it’s easy to know immediately if a college essay won’t work and we can very quickly hone in on what’s wrong with what you’re thinking about writing about as well as help you focus on what could be an excellent topic. We’ll ask you lots of questions to get to know you. We’ll read some of the college essays that have worked for our students in the past and before you know it, we’ll be off to the races.

If you’re interested in this one day bootcamp to complete your Common Application (including the Common App. Personal Statement) as well as all supplemental essays for one college that you intend to apply Early to, send an email to director@theivycoach.com to inquire about our fee and availability for the date that you’re interested in working with us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you about your interest in this bootcamp for college essays.

And if you happen to live on the West Coast, we are offering this opportunity in person in Los Angeles as well.


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