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July 23, 2017

2017-2018 Notre Dame Admissions Essays

Notre Dame Essays, Notre Dame Admissions Essays, 2017-2018 Notre Dame Essays
Notre Dame has released its essays for this upcoming college admissions cycle (photo credit: Eccekevin).

The 2017-2018 Notre Dame admissions essays have been released by the university and we’ve got them for our readers. Applicants to Notre Dame this year will be required to answer three 175-word essays. And why is the word count 175, you ask? In honor of the university’s 175th anniversary. Duh. As the admissions office tells applicants, “It is much more difficult to have an impact in 175 words than it is in a five-page paper—show us your ability to wow in a paragraph. Be concise, be brief, but be purposeful.”

Applicants during the 2017-2018 admissions cycle will be required to answer this essay prompt: “What excites you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand out from other institutions?” So, yes, that’s a Why Notre Dame essay. Regular readers of our college admissions blog know that many colleges, particularly highly selective colleges, love to ask Why College questions. And why? Because they want to know that you love them. They want to know that you’ll matriculate if admitted. They want a strong yield.

Happy 175th anniversary to the University of Notre Dame!

In addition to the required first essay prompt, applicants must answer any two of the following prompts, also in a recommended word length of 175: (1) “The University of Notre Dame is a Holy Cross institution whose education philosophy has been formed around five core principles inspired by Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross.  These principles, or pillars, of a Holy Cross education are Mind, Heart, Zeal, Family, and Hope, and they continue to shape our students today.  Which pillar or pillars resonate most with you? Why?” (2) “For whom are you responsible?” (3) What is one thing that you know for a fact?  Why are you certain? & (4) “Tell us about something significant that recently occurred in your community. Why does it matter to you?”

Of the four essay prompts beyond the Why Notre Dame question, which do our readers think most applicants to the university will choose to answer? We’re curious to hear from you so post your Comment below.

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