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USC tops "The Daily Beast's" list of up and coming colleges. Vanderbilt follows on its heels.

“The Daily Beast” has released a list of top up and coming colleges and universities. We’re not entirely sure what this list is based upon since there doesn’t seem to be an algorithm for the ranking. Rather, it appears to be based purely on opinion, but we figured we’d share it with you anyway! Maybe it’ll influence your choice of where you want to go to college. It shouldn’t but, nonetheless, it might.

Topping the list is the University of Southern California. “The Daily Beast” in fact writes, “Stanford. Duke. Northwestern. These are just some of the schools that counselors report USC will soon surpass as one of most sought-after campuses in the country.” Coming in second is Vanderbilt University where applications are up big time and the admissions rate was down to 20% this past year. “The Daily Beast” even labels Vanderbilt an “Almost Ivy.” Following Vanderbilt in the rankings is Indiana University – Bloomington, Elon University, Tufts University (keep in mind this ranking is based on up and comingness so that’s why Tufts might fall behind a school like Elon), Ohio Wesleyan, Colorado College, Washington University in St. Louis, and Bard College to name a few.

Do you think USC is the most up and coming college in the nation? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! And check out our post on USC Film School Applicants.

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