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October 17, 2014

Thick College Envelopes

Most students find out their admissions decisions via email or by logging into websites these days.

Students used to find out their admissions decisions in the mail. They’d look outside the window every three minutes to see if the flag was up on the mailbox. Or they’d run to the post office to see if they could intercept the letter from Princeton. Or maybe they’d flag down the mailman on his route. During these instances, students would be rooting for thick college envelopes, because thick envelopes usually went hand in hand with a letter of admission. And it makes sense. If a student is admitted, colleges would want to supply them with information and such to get them excited about the school. In Regular Decision, that information would be marketing material to sway them to want to attend their institution over other institutions. But now most of these letters come electronically. Colleges do indeed still send out mailings, especially after a student is notified of his or her admission via email or by logging into the school’s internal browser. But the thick envelope craze has subsided a little since the process isn’t as envelope-driven these days.

So if you’re a parent who once got a thick envelope and are expecting thick (or thin) envelopes for your child, know that it’s mostly all electronic these days. Your child logs into a website and he or she is greeted with “Congratulations!” Or your child gets an email from the dean of admissions at the school to which he or she applied, welcoming them to the university. The thick envelopes will come if your child is admitted but by the time they do come, you won’t be all nervous because you’ll already know your child’s fate.

Would you rather learn of an admissions decision by snail mail By email, through a website, or over the phone? Let us know where you stand on the extinction of thick college envelopes on decision day. We’re curious to hear your thoughts on the matter! And, while you’re here, read our blog on thick college applications. In this case, thick is totally not a good thing. As the saying in highly selective college admissions goes, “The thicker the file, the thicker the student.”

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