Relax As Admissions Decisions Roll In

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We encourage students and parents to do yoga as they await word on their admissions decisions (photo credit: Eli Christman).

For those high school seniors who are currently freaking out because a couple of their classmates have received Likely Letters to schools like, say, Brown and Columbia, stop freaking out. Have some of our students received Likely Letters to Brown and Columbia? You bet. And some of our students have received offers of admission to, say, Duke. But the vast majority of students who will earn admission to these schools and other highly selective colleges won’t find out until the end of this month. Likely Letters are only sent to the very top applicants in the Regular Decision pools as a way to lure them into choosing to matriculate to the schools.

Students get in every year without first receiving Likely Letters. Is it great when a student does receive a Likely Letter? Of course! Duh. But we want folks out there to know that just because they haven’t received a Likely Letter doesn’t mean they’re not getting in. And if they do end up getting in, they’re going to no longer care about the fact that they didn’t receive a Likely Letter. Because once you get in, who cares!

So to our students who have been receiving Likely Letters, congratulations. And to those of you out there who haven’t yet received these letters (or won’t), chill out a little bit. Don’t get upset now. There’s no point. If you don’t get into any of the schools of your dreams at the end of this month, then you can be upset. But there’s absolutely no point in being upset about something that may well work out for you. That’s just purposeless worrying and we’re not about purposeless worrying. Do yoga instead. Namaste.


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