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MIT Regular Decision notifications are en route to your home via drone! Well, not really. Stuart Schmill, MIT’s Dean of Admissions, is featured in a very creative video released recently by the MIT Office of Admissions. The video serves to announce that admissions decisions for MIT’s Class of 2019 will be released and available on Pi Day — on 3/14/15 at 9:26 AM. For those unfamiliar with Pi, it’s 3.1415926. Do you see MIT’s creativity there with their Regular Decision announcement date and time? If not, maybe MIT isn’t for you in the first place. We only kid!

The video features Stuart Schmill, always one of the most creative and candid deans (special shout out to Eric Furda of the University of Pennsylvania and Christoph Guttentag of Duke University, along with some others), delivering an admissions decision in a tube that will be sent by drone to the student. It’s a very well done video with great effects! We suspect a student at MIT had something to do with the making of the video. Anyhow, MIT of course will not be releasing their decisions by drone this coming Saturday. But they will be releasing decisions at this precise time — Pi time!

Most universities won’t be releasing their Regular Decision admissions decisions for some time but MIT is getting a head start. And why not? The earlier they inform admitted students of their decisions, the more they hope will choose to matriculate to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They’re betting on the primacy effect of social psychology and they’re wise to do so. Well done with the video, Stuart Schmill and the MIT Office of Admissions! It’s awesome.


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