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MIT will be sending out their admissions decisions on Monday, which happens to be Pi Day. This is no coincidence (photo credit: Madcoverboy).

MIT admissions decisions come out on this coming Monday, the university recently announced. And in classic MIT admissions style, the university announced this in a very creative way. If you’re not familiar with the creativity in MIT’s admissions office, check out this post about MIT from 2012 in which Dean of Admissions Stuart Schmill shreds the application of one Stephen Colbert. MIT loves their videos.

Oh and why will MIT be announcing decisions on Monday? Because it’s Pi Day. Duh. March 14th, 2016. 6:28 PM EST. The number for Pi is 3.14159 (which rounds to 3.1416!). This is not the first time MIT has released decisions on Pi Day. It’s become a tradition. In this particular video, Dean of Admissions Stuart Shmill releases a droid that carries admissions decisions for applicants and he implores students to look out for the droid. While a well produced and certainly creative video, we liked his Colbert one better.

Good luck to all students who applied this Regular Decision cycle to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. May the force be with you! And, while you’re here, let us know if you have a question about MIT or getting into MIT. We’d love to hear from our readers so post a Comment below and we’ll be sure to write back.


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