Ivy Decision Day Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is Ivy League Decision Day. All eight Ivy League colleges will be announcing their Regular Decision decisions (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

Tomorrow start the emails. And the calls (although regular readers of our college admissions blog know that we don’t answer our phone — our clients know how to get in touch with us and our potential clients need to fill out our free consult form if they wish to get ahold of us).

Beginning right after 5 PM on the East Coast, we’re going to start receiving emails and completed consult forms from folks we don’t know who now want our assistance. And we won’t respond until we’ve had the chance to speak with all of our students who applied this Regular Decision cycle to Ivy League colleges.

It’s our favorite time of year to learn that our students have been admitted to their dream schools. But this year, we’re thinking it may not be so exciting. The students we were worried about most have already earned admission to schools like Stanford, Duke, and MIT. So many of our students in particular earned admission to Stanford. It kind of tempers the excitement of getting into Ivy League schools when Stanford is one of — if not the — most highly selective colleges. But we’ll be excited anyway.

Need Ivy Coach’s help tomorrow? We can help. But not before we get in touch with all of our students. You’ll have to wait. And we make no apologies for that, especially to those demanding parents who tell us to call them! Have they perused our site for a quick minute? If you want to speak with us, you’ll need to fill out our free consult form and schedule an appointment. We work by appointment only. And if you’re not nice to Ashley, no appointment for you. It’s company policy.

And once we’ve spoken with all of our students, we will then start getting in touch with folks who are first reaching out to us now, either because they’ve been waitlisted and need help trying to earn admission off a waitlist (or multiple waitlists) or because they wish for us to give them a postmortem evaluation, so they understand why they didn’t earn admission to their dream schools should they wish to re-apply as transfer students.


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