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We love hearing from students and their parents after they learn of their college admissions decisions.

At Ivy Coach, it’s always our favorite time of year when our students learn of their acceptances to the colleges of their dreams. In fact, at this time of year, we — in part of course — live for college admission decision news! We work all year long and then in a matter of days, we hear about acceptance after acceptance. Our students are excited. The parents of our students are excited. Emails from parents tend to end with lots of exclamation points and they sometimes don’t even completely make sense because the parents are so unbelievably happy. It’s possible they had a little bit of champagne in celebration prior to writing the emails. And rightly so! The highly selective college admissions process is extremely stressful for students as well as parents. Students and parents should indeed celebrate!

We love hearing for our students and parents. We love hearing how excited they are, how they’ve achieved a dream of theirs, how they never thought they’d be able to get in (and how they even sometimes second-guessed a lot of the things we advised) but then it all worked out. Never second-guess us! We’ve been in this business for years. We know the ins and outs of the highly selective college admissions process — that’s why we do what we do and it’s why we’re at the top of our field.

No matter how many years Ivy Coach has been in business, these excited letters from students and parents never get old. They make us so happy. They remind us that we did a job well done and to know that you’re as happy as can be makes us as happy as can be. So thank you for sharing these letters. Thank you for all of the exclamation points at the ends of your sentences. Thank you for updating us as the admissions decisions come in. It’s the absolute best part of our job. No doubt about it.


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