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Ivy Coach is cited regularly by major news publications from “US News & World Report” to “The New York Times” to the newspaper of each of the eight Ivy League colleges.

If you’re convinced that you need assistance from a private college counseling company to help your kid get into our nation’s most elite universities, then you might be faced with the decision of which private college counseling company to choose from. After all, there are thousands of private college counseling companies. Well, debate no more because here’s our argument in a nutshell:

Yes, there are thousands of private college counseling companies across America but we ask that you fully examine their websites (and it should be noted that a quarter century ago, Ivy Coach was among the first to market). See if a member of the organization is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (the Founder of Ivy Coach is). At the vast majority of private college counseling firms, you won’t find this. Maybe they’re the companies of kids who just graduated from top schools who think they know all the tricks in highly selective college admissions because they got in themselves (uh huh). Maybe they’re the companies of parents who helped get their kids into top schools so why can’t they help your kids do the same? Uh huh. Maybe they’re folks who copy verbatim the text of our homepage and other pages. We catch those folks all the time. They always blame it on their webmasters…an excuse that doesn’t fly with us.

And be sure to read the content of the site. Does the company have real testimonials that are verifiable? We don’t ask many of our clients to give us testimonials because we work behind the scenes so nobody knows your kid had help. But the testimonials that we do have on our site include full names of students and/or parents (as well as the companies the parents work for). Now compare our testimonials with every single — yes, every single — other private college counseling business. Notice the difference? A testimonial from “John, Harvard Class of 2015” doesn’t mean much to us when there are maybe 28 “Johns” in the Class of 2015 (we made that number up).

Beyond the testimonials, peruse the content even further. Do these sites have maybe six or seven pages of static content? Likely so. That’s what you’ll find on the vast majority of private college counseling sites. Now peruse the website of Ivy Coach in depth. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of pages of information on the highly selective college admissions process. We have a blog literally every day of the week — including weekends and holidays — dating back years. We are tireless and our advice is often cited by major news publications from “US News & World Report” to “The New York Times” to “The Wall Street Journal” to the newspaper of every single Ivy League college. Are other private college counseling companies cited as often as experts in the press? Likely not. Peruse the hundreds of articles Ivy Coach is cited in. Click on each of the press logos and you’ll see all the articles.

Now, we of course don’t give away the vast majority of our secrets for free on our site since we are an American business but by perusing the information on our site, you’ll get a sense for our company’s personality and what great advice and expertise we can offer you and your child. In a quarter century (we need to update that graphic on our homepage!), 100% of our students have gained admission to one of their top three college choices and 93% got into their top college choice. Does that mean that we’ll take on a student with ‘D’ grades and a 22 ACT score who dreams of attending Harvard, Yale, and Princeton? No. We do not work with students and parents with completely unrealistic expectations as that would only lead to disappointment.

This is only an appetizer for why to choose Ivy Coach over every single other college counseling company. For instance, in addition to all of the advice we offer, the essays of our students turn out outstanding because we know how to help students write well. We help them write colloquially. We help them write powerfully. We help them write colorfully. Can other college counseling companies say the same? Even if you have an expertise in highly selective college admissions, that doesn’t mean you know how to help students write effectively. We sure can.


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