We Dropped the The

Ivy Coach, The Ivy Coach, Dropping the The in Name

We took a page from Sean Parker and Facebook. We dropped the The. We are now Ivy Coach!

We have taken a page from The Facebook. Or we should say Facebook! Yes, we’ve dropped the The. We shall henceforth be known as Ivy Coach. For many years, we have operated our business under the name The Ivy Coach but, today, we are live on IvyCoach.com. If you happen to go to our old domain, TheIvyCoach.com, not a problem! You’ll simply be redirected to our new domain. You may not even notice. For our existing clients, our stationary and such may still read The Ivy Coach for the time being. We’re getting around to changing all of this. It’s like we just moved into a new house. We’ve got to clean before we decorate. No sense moving in a rug and sofa while there’s dust everywhere.

If you happen to be interested in the inside business story of how we have finally gotten the chance to plant our flag on IvyCoach.com, you  can read more about it here. It’s been a long time coming. Fourteen years in fact. We’ve been trying to get this domain for fourteen years. We were persistent. And, in this case, our persistence ultimately paid off. We are the rightful trademark holders of ‘The Ivy Coach’ as well as ‘Ivy Coach’ and so we figured it was about time we claimed this domain. Some people celebrate making a great three-pointer. Others celebrate a great scientific discovery. We celebrate a whole lot at Ivy Coach. We celebrate when our students gain admission to their dream schools. We celebrate when they get into that stretch school that they didn’t think was possible. We celebrate when students who first come to us after being waitlisted get off these waitlists. We celebrate when we plant our flag on our new domain. It’s all a long way of saying that we don’t need much excuse to celebrate at Ivy Coach. We’re all about celebration!

So welcome to our new domain, our new home. Feel free to hang up your jacket and get comfortable because we plan to be here for many years to come. Welcome, welcome! As our Founder Bev’s grandfather once said, “Home sveet home.” Yes, sveet. Not sweet. Get over it.


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