Speaking Directly to Private College Counselors

At Ivy Coach, you actually get to speak to the person you’ll be working with before you enlist our services.

We’re often asked during free consultations with prospective clients, “What differentiates Ivy Coach?” Where to begin? Our track record developed over the last 28 years? How we help make college applicants interesting? How our students sometimes get handwritten notes from admissions officers after they’re admitted or get cited in speeches by deans of admissions when touting their incoming classes? We’re never quite sure how to answer the question because, quite candidly, if the prospective client has taken even a few minutes to go through Ivy Coach’s website, they’d know, well, we’ve got spunk. So too do our students when they apply to college. And if a private college counseling company can’t make themselves present as interesting, how can you expect they’ll present your child as interesting?

At Ivy Coach, You Speak with the Person Who Will Be Helping You Through the Whole Process from the Start

But do you know what else differentiates Ivy Coach? When you reach out to us for a free consultation to learn about our services, you actually get to speak to the person with whom you’ll be working throughout the process. That’s right. You’re not speaking to someone who assigns you to various college counselors. You’re not speaking to someone you’ll never speak to again until you get an invoice. You’re speaking to the very person who will be holding your hand through the entirety of the highly selective college admissions process.

At Many Other Private College Counseling Firms, You Don’t Get That Opportunity

So now we ask you to reach out to other private college counseling firms. Reach out to ones you believe have great reputations. And set an appointment for a free consultation to learn about their services. Will you be speaking to the person who will be guiding you and your child through the college admissions process? Or will you be speaking with someone else? Our guess? The latter. In fact, it’s not a guess. We know it to be true because enough parents have told us over the years that when you reach out to other private college counseling firms with strong reputations, you don’t get to speak to the person who will actually be helping you through the process. And that’s a shame!

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