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At Ivy Coach, it’s our philosophy to only work with folks interested in working with us.

On our website, we offer a free 20-minute consultation to answer questions about our service offerings. Sometimes, folks call in and start off the conversation by saying how they’re interviewing a number of private college counseling companies. And we stop them right there, much to their surprise (and chagrin). As we’ve stated many times on the pages of our college admissions blog (so it should come as no surprise to our regular readers), we have no interest in selling our services. We can only work with a select set of students each and every year. And is it too much to ask to work with students who have done their homework on us, who’ve read our website thoroughly enough to know that we want to work with students and parents who want to work with us — who aren’t trying on ten pairs of pants to figure out which one fits best? We don’t think so.

We fully understand that it is the onus of most businesses to sell to potential clients and customers. But we’ve never aimed to be like most businesses. We dare to tell it like it is. We speak our minds. We’re original. It’s a big part of how we’re able to help our students stand out in the highly selective college admissions process. We help them find their own original, creative voice, their own unique narrative. We flip the script and we only want to work with students and parents who are open to flipping that script. Who dare to flip that script.

We’ve been helping students gain admission to highly selective colleges for a quarter of a century. That’s quite a long time. And our track record as well as authority in the space is out there. Just as a student should go in prepared for an alumni interview, we encourage students interested in hiring a private college counselor — any private college counselor — to do your homework on the firm before initiating a call, to not go in unprepared. Because while it won’t matter for most private college counseling firms because they’re interested in any and all business, it does matter for us. It always has.


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