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At Ivy Coach, we take pride in helping members or former members of our military gain admission to the colleges of their dreams.

For years, we’ve worked with a select set of students on a pro bono college consulting basis and in February of this year, we announced a program devoted exclusively to helping college applicants in need gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. These pro-bono students are the children of parents of low income, and either the first in their families to attend college, members or former members of the United States military, or underrepresented minorities.

Like the highly selective college admissions process, our program is also highly selective. We’re looking for people who deserve the help and stand out from the pack. This fall, we’re very excited to be working with several pro bono students who we’ve selected.

If you’re interested in our pro bono college consulting, please complete our free consultation form. We will  try respond to your specific questions about the college admissions process. We will be taking on additional pro bono college consulting cases in January (once our current students are admitted in the early action / early decision round). Our pro bono college consulting is some of the most rewarding work that we do at Ivy Coach.


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