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At Ivy Coach, we take pride in helping members or former members of our military gain admission to the colleges of their dreams.

For years, we’ve worked with a select set of students on a pro bono college consulting basis and in February of this year, we announced a program devoted exclusively to helping college applicants in need gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. These pro-bono students are the children of parents of low income, and either the first in their families to attend college, members or former members of the United States military, or underrepresented minorities.

Like the highly selective college admissions process, our program is also highly selective. We’re looking for people who deserve the help and stand out from the pack. This fall, we’re very excited to be working with several pro bono students who we’ve selected.

If you’re interested in our pro bono college consulting, please complete our free consultation form. We will  try respond to your specific questions about the college admissions process. We will be taking on additional pro bono college consulting cases in January (once our current students are admitted in the early action / early decision round). Our pro bono college consulting is some of the most rewarding work that we do at Ivy Coach.


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  • Gary G says:

    Hi I am a father of a gifted daughter in Sarasota Florida. She is in 10th grade at the number 1 public high school in Florida. She is from Spanish descent , no others from our family have attended college. My concern is that I can not pay for her college education. I am not an educated person and i am disabled. I do not have the capability to pay for her college education. She is a bi linguel student English and Spanish . If I may ask for guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated!

    • Ivy Coach says:

      Thanks for your note. Our pro bono services are reserved exclusively for veterans of America’s military. We hope you understand.

  • TANISH SAHA says:

    Dear Ma’am/ Sir,
    I belong to a middle-class family in India. My family income is lesser than ten thousand dollars. I know I have written a lot but kindly read this message. I may not be the best in academics but I have a curious and creative mind which makes me a strong candidate for admissions. I have great leadership qualities and love spending my leisure time volunteering, writing or singing, and playing the guitar. I self-teach new languages as a hobby and spend time doing household chores rather than taking thousand A.P. (also my school doesn’t offer AP or IB). I am a fun-loving, cheerful person who is eager to take up responsibilities as my elders would descibe me. Belonging from a middle-class background, if I can go to the United States of America (or Estados Unidos de America in Spanish) it would benefit me and my family in ways more than words can describe. It would be very kind of you if you extend a helping hand to me as that will change my life and the perspective of people who think there are no helpful and selfless people alive anymore. It is a bit informal in nature, please don’t mind.

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