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As we approach the beginning of the new school year, the time is just around the corner for seniors to be applying to colleges. And many students and their parents are looking for help, overwhelmed by the highly selective college admissions process…and uninformed (or misinformed). As parents and students seek out private college consulting, it’s advisable that they hire a private college consultant who will successfully help them in the stressful process. Not just any private college consultant is a good one. Frankly, the vast majority aren’t. So we’d like to help point out to you some warning signs to look out for when seeking private college consulting.

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The Founder of Ivy Coach is a member in good standing of NACAC. We choose not to display this logo on our website, though, because most folks don’t know what it means and the real estate on our website — and particularly our homepage — is valuable to us.

A private college consulting firm that is a member of NACAC is a plus. NACAC is the National Association for College Admissions Counseling. Sometimes companies list the logo. We choose not to display the logo on our site because the vast majority of folks don’t know what NACAC means so why waste valuable real estate on our homepage? After all, we’re a business and the real estate on our homepage is valuable to us.

IECA, an organization that the Founder of Ivy Coach has been a member of (but we all consider membership in the organization not to be worth the paper it’s written on), lists some other warning signs that the private college consultant you’re considering hiring isn’t the right choice for you. Let’s share a few with you. “They tell you not to worry about all the details on the application forms…they’ll take care of those for you.” It’s all in the details! Oy vey. “They indicate that their background, training, and years of experience are unimportant details not worth getting into.” Uh huh. “They promise to use their ‘pull’ or ‘connection’ to secure admission to a particular school or college.” Right. Get the idea? It’s one of the few occasions in which we agree with this organization we believe to be quite silly.


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