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There are lots of college consultants out there. And, like in any field, the vast majority are quite unknowledgeable (photo credit: Joe Mabel).

We like to keep folks on their toes at Ivy Coach. It’s our style. We’re a lifestyle brand in that way. We kid. Quicksilver is a lifestyle brand. And we do like their t-shirts and board shorts but we’re not sure we have much else in common. But as a private college consulting firm, we have the opportunity to interact with quite a few characters. It’s amazing some of the things a few of these characters will say during free consults, which function as a chance for prospective clients to get to know us but also as an opportunity for us to get to know them. It works both ways.

Just the other day, a caller on a free admissions consult asked, “Why should I choose you when there are plenty of college consultants who charge a whole lot less?” Our answer can vary from, “Don’t choose us then” to “We wish you all the best” to “Do they serve you biscuits too? Because the college counselor in your neighborhood will likely serve you biscuits. We won’t serve you biscuits but we’ll help your child get into her dream school.” It depends on the day. But we don’t love these callers. These callers try to put us on the defensive but quickly learn that we don’t bite — we have no need to. If they don’t want to work with us, they shouldn’t work with us. If they want to work with another private college consulting firm, they are welcome to — and we wish them the best of luck.

It is our policy at Ivy Coach to only work with nice people. It is a policy that has served us well for a quarter century.

And then there’s the caller who complains about a previous college consultant they hired and that’s why they seek our help. Sometimes they go on and on complaining about the previous consultant that by the end of it — and little do the parents realize — we totally side with the previous college consultant. We don’t wish to infuse our days with a dose of their negativity so we wish them the best of luck too. We love wishing people luck. We absolutely do.

Oh and then there’s the caller who asks about how much money it’ll take to guarantee their child’s admission. When we tell them that there is no amount of money that can guarantee their child’s admission but there is a number that can certainly help their child’s case for admission, they usually play along and pretend they have the ability to donate such a sum to a university. But it is the rare instance when this caller ends up becoming a client — and often times we find that it is our fees that preclude them from working with us.

We guess that some folks are so used to being sold to that it’s just expected they can ask such questions. But they’re typically surprised when they receive our responses and that’s because we have no interest or desire to sell. The folks who become our clients want to work with us. They don’t play games. They don’t need to be wooed. And these are the folks we love and who love us back.


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