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Ivy Coach is cited in “Forbes” in a piece that was not written on April Fools’ Day.

While today isn’t April Fools’ Day, we came across an article up on “Forbes” that gave us a giggle and we wanted to share it with our loyal readers. The piece, penned by Richard Vedder, a distinguished professor of economics emeritus at Ohio University, is entitled “Helping Make College Application Decisions: Private Admission Counselors.” As Vedder writes, “To offer personalized services but reduce costs considerably, there are a number of computer-based counseling/application services as well. Some major independent counseling players include Focus Admissions, Ivy Coach, and Collegewise. In additional to traditional face-to-face meetings, using modern technology such as Skype experienced personnel can pass on their wisdom to high school kids and their parents.” Did we give our readers a giggle?

Telling It Like It Is On College Admissions Since 1992

At Ivy Coach, we are known for a few things. We are known for our track record of helping our students earn admission to their dream schools over the last quarter of a century. We are known for telling it like it is. We regularly speak out against misconceptions about the college admissions process, like the notion of need-blind admissions (it’s a farce!) or the notion that Asian Americans don’t face discrimination in the process (they sure do!). We are known for lots of things.

Among these things that we’re known for, we’re known for charging a high fee to help students achieve their dreams. You see, we can only work with so many students each year. We are not in the business of helping the masses optimize their cases for admission. We are in the business of helping a select batch of students each year achieve these very dreams. And since we only work with a select batch of students each year, yes, we charge a high fee for our expert work.

Maybe you read about our fees on the cover of “The New York Post.” Maybe you saw a clip of an old fee underreported on “CNBC.” But never have we been labeled a service that “reduces costs considerably” as we were this week in “Forbes.” Now that’s funny! But, hey, reducing cost is all relative, right? Right.

Surprised we’re so self-aware? Never heard of Collegewise or Focus Admissions? Neither have we. Bring on the Comments! We welcome them.


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