Ivy Coach Website Retrospective

As we transition to a newly designed website today (if it hasn’t switched already, it will within hours), we thought we’d take a look back at prior versions of our website. What can we say, we’re nostalgic like that. Keep in mind that we’ve been online since essentially the turn of the century (literally!) so old versions of our website were quite bad indeed. We’re ok with that. We’ll own it. We’re not designers. We’re college admissions experts. One of our former students designed our first site. Yikes indeed. But even when the design was lacking a bit, we always had tons of easily accessible information. That has remained a constant for Ivy Coach.

We’re quite happy with our new site. We feel it reflects our personality and our unique approach to highly selective college admissions. But today, it is also one day closer to looking as silly as previous versions of our site. Websites are like Apple products in this way. They’re outdated just about the second you leave the store with them. Have you seen the original iPod? One could use it as a weight for exercise. It’s that heavy. Anyhow, here are those prior versions of our site so you can get in a good giggle.

Ivy Coach Current Website

Our new site (2015).

Ivy Coach Fourth Website

Our site circa 2013.

Ivy Coach Third Website

Our site circa 2010.

Ivy Coach Second Website

Our site circa 2005.

Ivy Coach First Website

Our site circa 2002. Times have changed. Hey, have you seen NBC’s original Peacock?


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