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At Ivy Coach, we’re fully committed to helping members of our military or former members of our military gain admission to the college(s) of their dreams.

“CNN Money” ran a piece this past week about how a private college advisor can help students gain admission to the college(s) of their dreams. In the piece, the student, Dahniel Sastow, speaks of how his college advisor helped him showcase himself to college admissions counselors and ultimately gain admission to his dream school – Cornell University. In the CNN piece on college advisors, the report also discusses how college advisors give “unfair advantage to wealthier applicants.” We agree and disagree.

Can all college applicants afford the services of Ivy Coach? Absolutely not. We’re expensive. Just as doctors and lawyers command high fees, so, too, can folks in other sectors of our free market economy. While we work in China, India, the United Arab Emirates, and other nations around the world, we are, at the end of the day, a proudly American company. We command high fees because of our expertise, experience, and results. Does Bumble & Bumble give an unfair advantage to shampoo users who can afford to spend over $20 on a bottle of great shampoo as opposed to spending $6 a bottle on a lower quality brand? You bet they do.

But also know that we at Ivy Coach believe that all students – regardless of their family’s income – should have a great chance at gaining admission to the Ivy League and other highly competitive colleges. And we don’t just say that. We stand behind it by offering pro bono college admissions help to students who 1.) would be the first in their families to attend college, 2.) are members of the United States military or have previously served our country, 3.) underrepresented minorities, and 4.) low income families (families whose total income is less than $60,000 per year). Does Bumble & Bumble give away free shampoo? Maybe. Maybe not.

We don’t have the time and resources to help every student who can’t afford our services. Frankly, it would put us out of business! But there is nothing like hearing from a student of ours who happened to be a homeless standup comic that he was admitted to Harvard. There’s nothing like hearing that another of our pro bono students, a United States Marine, was admitted to Dartmouth.


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