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During this busy week in the college admissions process, we are temporarily suspending our free 20-minute consultation.

Throughout the year, we offer free 20-minute phone consultations to students and their parents as they seek advice on getting into highly selective colleges. But it’s crunch time right now as our students who’ve come to us in the last couple of weeks finish up their applications due very soon. So for the next week, we’re not going to be able to offer free 20-minute college admissions consultations. A number of folks tend to call us directly after coming to our website. The best way to reach us is by filling out our free consultation form. We’ll still get these forms this week and our services are indeed still available, but we just don’t have time to offer any of our services for free this week — even for twenty minutes. We want to devote that time instead to those who are already our students.

You can read about the college admissions counseling services that we offer on our website. Our most popular package that parents and students are signing up for this week is the twenty hour package. A number of students who weren’t our students when they applied Early Decision and/or Early Action but became our students thereafter have selected this package. The first thing that we do with all students who were deferred or denied in the Early round is to diagnose what went wrong. We look to find the mistakes that were made in the application to correct these mistakes going forward in the college admissions process.

Have a question about our college admissions counseling services? Have a question about our packages? Let us know your questions by posting below. We’ll try to answer them during one of the busiest weeks in the college admissions process for our company.


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