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This really does appear on our homepage. What business asks you not to call? Ours does! We’re funny like that.

If you’ve been trying to reach us by phone at 212-600-0312, our main office number, we apologize that our line is down. Blame it on Verizon. The workers are on strike and there’s nobody around to fix it. Sigh. But it’s not like calling us is the best way to get in touch with us anyway. Prospective clients, students as well as parents, should fill out our free consultation form. That is the single best way to initiate contact with us. In fact, it’s the only way. If you write an email to us, we’re just going to ask you to fill out our free consult form. This way, you’re in our system.

Ivy Coach might very well be the only business in America that asks prospective clients not to call. And we’re ok with that. 😉

Upon leaving office, the great Nelson Mandela told the Rainbow Nation, “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” Madiba was such a jokester in that way. On our homepage, we make reference to this famous line uttered by one of the great leaders in world history when we write, “Don’t call us, we’ll email you.” We mean it. If you fill out our free consult form, you’ll get an email back from us within the day with some information on our services and we can always then set up a free consultation to discuss our service offerings.

We used to pick up our phone whenever prospective clients called in but then we realized we were devoting our lives to folks who were just picking our brains. The sun would rise and set and we’d be on the phone all day long. No thank you, as much as we’d love to hear about your daughter’s prowess at the violin. Yes, that is sarcasm. So while we hope to have our phone up and running soon, we’re really in no great rush. We’d call Verizon to ask them to fix it, but we don’t have a working phone. And would anyone there pick up anyway? It seems they’re all on strike!


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