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We’re all about spunk at Ivy Coach…if you haven’t noticed.

Folks often ask us, “What differentiates Ivy Coach from every other private college counseling firm?” The question makes us cringe. What doesn’t differentiate us, we wish to ask. Going through our heads are the many students over the years who first come to us as clients after they don’t get into their Early Decision / Early Action school(s). After we go through their applications — ones they worked on with other private college counselors — we so often come across so many mistakes, so many poorly written and poorly thought out essays, and more.

Are there some good private college counselors? Of course. Like in any industry, some are good, some are bad, and some are worse. And we’re not going to point out all of the things that differentiate Ivy Coach in this particular piece. That would take more time. But let’s just give our readers one quick and obvious differentiator. We have personality. We have spunk. You read our blog. You know it. We’ve got it. Comb through our website if you’re not a regular reader. We deliver even the most boring of college admissions statistics with flavor and pizazz. It’s what we do. And we do the same for our students as we help them formulate admissions hooks, as we help them brainstorm and edit essays that need to be uniquely tailored to each school.

You bet we have spunk at Ivy Coach. And so too do our students.

So now let’s leave you with a task. That’s right — we’re assigning you homework. Go to the websites of other private college counseling firms that you know of. Comb through their websites — extensively. Check out as many as you can. See if they have our spunk. See if they have any spunk for that matter. Or are their websites boring? Are they stale? Now ask yourself this question: If the college counseling firm can’t even make their own website interesting, how can I expect them to help make my child interesting come the time they’re applying to college? Because, in the end, it’s about making students marketable in admissions. Sit with that one. Think about it.


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