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Ivy League admissions statistics can be appear daunting (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

Let’s talk about admissions stats, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Oh. Does that song not go like that? Well it does for the purposes of this particular post. When parents and students first come to us, there’s a whole lot of information they do know and a whole lot of information that they don’t know about highly selective college admissions. And a whole lot of the information they do know, well, it happens to be incorrect. But the statistics, the low admission rates and rising number of applications at highly selective colleges each and every year, well, that’s something that parents often get right. Admission rates are low across the board. Application levels keep rising. It’s true. Duh. You will find no greater purveyor of Ivy League admissions statistics than Ivy Coach.

But as Mark Twain taught the world, there are “lies, damned lies and statistics.” Let’s go with an analogy. Heaven forbid you or someone you know is ever diagnosed with cancer. Your first instinct may be to do a Google search of the prognosis — and life expectancy — of people also diagnosed with a certain stage of a specific type of cancer. In all likelihood, you’ll find some grim statistics no matter the stage of cancer and no matter the type. The statistics will belie so many articles you read on advances in cancer research, particularly in the last few years.

You see, those statistics so often reflect everyone diagnosed with that stage and that type of cancer. What it doesn’t reflect is all of the folks who were diagnosed with that stage and that type of cancer who immediately pursued treatment at, say, the absolute best cancer center in the world — inarguably Memorial Sloan Kettering (sorry MD Anderson and Mayo Clinic but we’ve clearly got an opinion here). The statistics for folks who pursue treatment under the very best physicians at MSK are very different from the statistics for folks who pursue treatment at a rural hospital in South Dakota (sorry South Dakota!) or from folks who don’t pursue treatment at all…because they’re reflected in those statistics too! And, yes, you can make the leap that certain private college counselors across America are those hospitals in South Dakota (sorry again, South Dakota!). And those folks who don’t pursue treatment at all…well there are indeed folks who apply to highly selective colleges without seeking any outside counsel.

Our point is that, yes, admissions statistics may seem daunting at every highly selective college. And is it difficult to get into these highly selective colleges? You bet it is. Are there a whole lot of students applying? You bet there are. Are admission rates low? Yes. But we give our students the best chance possible to get into the best school possible for them. Think of us, if you will to go along with our analogy, as the Memorial Sloan Kettering of highly selective college admissions.

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