National Humanities Medal

National Medal of Humanities, Humanities Medal, Medal of Humanity

Ivy Coach salutes this year’s recipients of the National Humanities Medal.

We wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to one of America’s, and the world’s, most prominent, influential authors of our time. Today, James McBride, author of the “New York Times” bestselling “The Color of Water” and “The Good Lord Bird” among other notable titles, received one of our nation’s highest honors for an artist from President Obama — the National Humanities Medal. Some of our students may know “The Color of Water,” a memoir about growing up African American with a Jewish mother, as it’s required reading in classrooms across the nation. And “The Good Lord Bird,” a fictional tale of a Mark Twain style journey across America’s heartland with famed real-life abolitionist John Brown, earned the National Book Award in 2013.

Here’s how the commendation James received from President Obama reads: “For humanizing the complexities of discussing race in America. Through writings about his own uniquely American story, and his works of fiction informed by our shared history, his moving stories of love display the character of the American family.” It gives us chills. We can’t help but read it again and again!

Our regular readers may know that Brian works closely with authors, among them James, as he helps turn their phenomenal works of fiction and/or non-fiction into television series. James and Brian previously set up a show based on James’ book “Song Yet Sung” at FX and they’ve got “The Good Lord Bird” in the works as well among others.



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