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The women’s Northwestern University lacrosse team claimed their seventh title in eight years. The year they didn’t win? They were the national runner-up (photo credit: Madcoverboy).

The women’s Northwestern University lacrosse team has won the NCAA title. Again. If you feel as though you’ve read that the Northwestern women’s lacrosse team has won the title before, you have. Many times over. It’s pretty much an annual occurrence. We even wrote about a previous Northwestern lacrosse title team that wore flip-flops to the White House to meet the President of the United States. They never did that again on their future White House visits!

This Northwestern title team marked the university’s seventh NCAA title in the past eight years. Seven titles in eight years! How ridiculous is that? The UCLA men’s basketball program once had a dynasty. The Northwestern women’s lacrosse program now has one, too. We’re not inclined to use the word “dynasty” loosely. A couple of titles in a row does not a dynasty make. Seven titles in eight years is, without question, a dynasty.

Overcoming deficits of 0-2 and 2-4 before 7,127 fans, Northwestern battled back against Syracuse to claim an 8-6 victory that capped a 21-2 season. The Northwestern lax team claimed their second title in a row (they lost in the championship game in 2010). Prior to that runner-up finish, they had won five straight titles. That means that student-athletes finished their careers with four rings on their fingers. And if there was a redshirt one year, it’s possible a student even finished with five! Prior to this run of seven titles in eight years, the Northwestern women’s lacrosse team had never won a title. Maryland had been the dominant force before them — racking up seven titles in seven years (from 1995 – 2001). They, too, deserved the word “dynasty.”


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