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July 25, 2021

Ivy League Olympians in Tokyo

The Ivy League is well represented in this edition of the Olympic Games.

Wondering how many Ivy League students and graduates will be participating in the Olympic Games this summer? We know it’s a question that’s kept you up at night. Well, wonder no more. 90 Ivy League students or graduates will be competing in these Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. And which Ivy League school boasts the most representatives? That would be Princeton University with 23. Yale University has 18, Harvard University 15, Columbia University 10, University of Pennsylvania 8, Brown University 6, Dartmouth College 6, and Cornell University 5. They represent 30 of the 205 countries participating in the Games.

As the Ivy League boasts, “The Ivy League has a storied tradition of Olympic influence, consistently ranking amount the top NCAA conference in Olympic participation. The League has accumulated 475 medals all-time, including six during Rio 2016 and nine during PyeongChang 2018. The 2020 Ivy League footprint on Team USA is as follows: 34 Ivies will compete on Team USA and is one of three conference in the country to have all of its schools represented on the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team (Ivy League, Big 12 and SEC). 10 Ivies will be returning Olympians, including two medalists. Harvard is the only non-power Five school in the top-15 list of contributors to Team USA with nine U.S. Olympians. All eight institutions will have representation on the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team, composing nearly 45% of Team USA’s roster. The only other conference with this milestone is the SEC in athletics. One-third of Team USA Fencing competed at Columbia, Harvard or Princeton.”

Congratulations to all of this summer’s remarkable Olympians from the Ivy League as they represent their respective countries in their sports! We’ll be cheering them on.

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