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Columbia’s wrestling team is under investigation by the university.

The Harvard men’s soccer team is not the only Ivy League athletic team in hot water at the moment. On the heels of Harvard canceling the remainder of their men’s soccer team’s season, Columbia University’s wrestling team will not be competing while the school launches an investigation into lewd text message exchanges sent by members of the squad. We suspect this team’s season too is over.

As reported in an “Associated Press” piece on the Columbia wrestling team scandal, “‘The Department of Athletics has decided that Columbia wrestlers will not compete until we have a full understanding of the facts on which to base the official response to this disturbing matter,’ Columbia said in a statement. The school said it launched an investigation as soon as it learned of the messages, which it described as ‘appalling, at odds with the core values of the university, and violate team guidelines.'”

When scandals like these break, we always remind our readers that no university — not even the most prestigious ones in America — are immune to dumb, reprehensible behavior. Every school grapples with how to address these sorts of issues but the one thing we will say is that the Ivy League colleges have somewhat of a protective shield. When scandal strikes, the schools will always still be members of the Ivy League. When scandal strikes at other schools, it can sometimes have a more enduring impact on the school’s reputation.


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