Colleges Supporting LGBT Students

As you probably know from reading our college admissions blog, we have a habit of advocating for LGBT equality in college admissions as well as once the students get in and are on college campuses. We will sharply criticize a school for not supporting LGBT applicants or its LGBT students. And we will champion a school that goes above and beyond in the name of LGBT inclusivity. Today, we are championing the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as the University of Miami.

Both universities recently made “You Can Play” videos in which UNC and UMiami athletes, coaches, and athletic personnel let the world know that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered athletes are indeed welcome at these institutions, that they can play and will play on their teams. The University of Miami “You Can Play” video even featured our old pal Jim Larranaga, the current coach of the University of Miami men’s basketball team. Jim previously coached George Mason University and led his underdog team to the Final Four in March Madness in stunning fashion, beating even UNC and many other touted programs that stood in its way. We’re proud that Jim and the University of Miami athletic department stand on the side of equality. We even emailed him as much.

UNC has long had a great gay administrator in their athletic department and we have a feeling that he had something to do with the Tar Heels’ “You Can Play” video. Good for UNC and UMiami for supporting LGBT equality on their campuses!


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