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Hoping to get recruited to swim in college? Use your times as a tool to know where you stand at highly selective colleges.

Are you hoping to be a college swimming recruit? If so, we at Ivy Coach have some advice for you that may prove helpful as you seek to gain admission to highly selective colleges…and swim at these schools in the years ahead. As you likely know, being a top swimmer isn’t exactly as important in the eyes of admissions officers at a school like, say, Yale, than being a top football recruit. At colleges across America, schools with football programs prioritize football recruiting over swimming recruiting. It’s a fact of life. Accept it and life will be easier. However, swimmers do have an advantage over football players in the recruiting process and we’re going to walk you through this.

What swimmers have that football players don’t are v-shaped backs. Kidding. Well, that’s true but that is their advantage in dating — not admissions. Swimmers have times. Football skills are more subjective. It may seem obvious that swimmers (and runners) have times but it’s what you can do with these times that proves most useful. If you’re a breastroker who swims a 1:06 100 meter breastroke, the first thing you should do if you don’t have a yard time is convert the time to yards as the vast majority of college swim meets are in yards. Then, go on the website of a university that you’re interested — specifically to the men’s or women’s swim team site. Most teams list their meet schedule. Click on results of past years. If you don’t see this, it’s sometimes listed under archives. Then, compare your time in the 100 breastroke to the 100 breastroke times of other swimmers both at this school and at their competitors. Peruse the heat sheets. See exactly how you stack up.

Also, take a look to see if breastrokers are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors. If the top breastrokers are seniors, the swim coach will likely be in need of a breastroker (or two or three) the following recruiting cycle. If they’re freshmen, you’re not as much of a commodity. But if you’ve got a great 100 yard breastroke, disregard whether the breastrokers are freshmen or seniors because a great swimmer is a great swimmer and they’ll recruit you regardless (if your times are incredible).

If you’re a swimmer hoping to get recruited by college swim coaches, contact us today to set up a one-hour consultation to discuss your grades, testing, swim times, extracurriculars, and the college swim teams that may be right for you. Indicate that you’re a swimmer or the parent of a swimmer on the form so we know how we can provide assistance to you.


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