2019-2020 Ivy League Men’s Basketball Standings

Princeton sits atop the Ivy League in basketball action (photo credit: Alfred Hutter).

Let’s check in on the Ivy League men’s basketball standings. And if you’re wondering why we write about Ivy League basketball, well, historically, the further a team advances in March Madness, the more applications that school receives in the subsequent admissions cycle. The Ivy League has one automatic bid each year to the NCAA Tournament. And while it’s early on in the season, are you wondering which school is currently atop the rankings? Wonder no more!

Princeton Currently Atop Ivy League Men’s Basketball Standings

At 2-0 in Ivy League play, Princeton University is atop the Ivy League. Overall, Princeton sits at 6-8 (a record that includes play outside of the Ivy League). In second at 1-0 in Ivy League play sit Columbia University, Harvard University, and Yale University. Overall, Columbia is 6-11, Harvard is 12-4, and Yale is 13-4. Dartmouth College, Cornell University, and Brown University are all 0-1 within Ivy League play. Overall, Dartmouth sits at 7-9, Cornell is 3-11, and Brown is 7-7. University of Pennsylvania currently sits in last place in the Ivy League standings at 0-2 in Ivy League play. UPenn is 7-7 overall.

We’ll post updates on the Ivy League men’s basketball standings in the weeks to come as these teams progress further into Ivy League play. So check back soon to keep on top of which Ivy League school is on pace to earn the Ivy League’s automatic bid to March Madness, an automatic bid that Yale earned last year.


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