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Yale’s Dean of Admissions, Jeffrey Brenzel, is stepping down (photo credit: Allie Krause of “The Yale Daily News”).

The Yale Dean of Admissions, Jeffrey Brenzel, will be stepping down from his post on June 30, 2013, it was announced this past Wednesday. Jeffrey Brenzel has led the admissions office at Yale since 2005. In this position, Brenzel has overseen the redesign of the admissions website and all admissions publications, a reworking of Bulldogs Days, and increased outreach to international students and students from low-income families. It seems like we’ve been announcing the resignation of one Ivy League president after another these days, but Brenzel marks the first major change at the helm of an Ivy League admissions office in recent months.

According to a “Yale Daily News” article on the Yale Dean of Admissions, “Brenzel arrived at Yale in 1971 as a freshman from Louisville, Ky., and he held several positions in academia, the business world and college admissions after graduating. Brenzel’s legacy as dean of admissions since 2005 boasts many accomplishments, including a push for more effective international recruitment and an increase in outreach to applicants interested in science and engineering, University President Richard Levin said.”

It seems Brenzel will be focusing on his other role at Yale subsequent to his departure from admissions – as the Timothy Dwight College Master (some title, huh?) and he’s going to teach philosophy courses at the school as well. Brenzel has also expressed an interest in writing a book on admissions (there aren’t too many of those, are there?), one that will highlight the changes in admissions at Ivy League schools over the years. We look forward to reading this forthcoming publication.

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