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September 23, 2011

Yale and Singapore

Applicants can begin applying to Yale-NUS (Yale’s school in Singapore) this winter and spring.

The relationship between Yale and Singapore is taking off. Students wishing to apply to Yale in Singapore can begin applying this winter and spring. Yale-NUS (National University of Singapore) will officially open in August of 2013. This campus marks the first school for Yale outside of New Haven. You can read about Yale’s announcement to open a school in Singapore via this previous post: Yale in Singapore.

And what kind of admissions process will be employed at Yale-NUS? A holistic one. Rather than rely exclusively on test scores as Singaporean universities typically do, they’ll be using the system that Yale and all of the Ivy League colleges use here in the United States. They’ll even be holding workshops to train teachers in Singapore on how to effectively write letters of recommendation for their students since these teachers aren’t used to having to do this.

According to Jeremiah Quinlan, a deputy dean of admissions at Yale and the dean of admissions and financial aid at Yale-NUS, as reported in an article on Yale and Singapore by the “Yale Daily News,” “The college hopes to attract around 150 students for its first class, and will eventually build the number of students up to 250 in each graduating class and approximately 1,000 in the school.” There will be three rounds of admission for Yale-NUS and according to the “Yale Daily News, “earlier applicants may be deferred to later rounds before a final decision is made.”

Do you think more Ivy League colleges will be opening up campuses around the globe? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! And, if you’re a student in Singapore, contact us today for help with your case for admission to Yale-NUS.

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